Projects Portfolio

SDMS has developed a number of project concepts tailored for the needs of Pacific island countries and other developing countries. We are seeking funding for these projects. These include:

              Project Name


Strengthening the Pacific Seaweed Industry

To support and expand a Pacific Seaweed Industry.

Greening the Islands

To work with island communities to transform their islands into Green islands in accordance to principles of Blue-Green Economy and Sustainable Development.

Green Audits Project

To reduce the anthropological footprint on the environment through the green auditing of major national policy instruments and thus ensuring that policy contributes positively to sustainable development for the benefit of people and environment.

Supporting a Pacific Blue Economy

To support efforts by Pacific island countries in promoting the Blue Economy agenda through the establishment of comprehensive and appropriate regional and national architecture with the participation of all stakeholders.

Green Taxation for Reforestation

To establish a sustainable financing mechanism through the use of green taxation that enables the restoration of forests in the Solomon Islands; and to establish an implementation plan and process for reforestation activities with the participation of communities, government institutions, civil society and the private sector.

Beqa & Yanuca Blue Lagoon Project

To work with the Beqa and Yanuca island communities to transform their Lagoon into a Blue Lagoon in accordance with principles of Blue/Green Economy and Sustainable Development.

Greening Our Cities and Towns

To work with city and town authorities and communities to render their cities and towns environmentally friendly with benefits to residents through improved health and well-being.

Supporting Pacific Private Sector Sustainability

To build sustainability measures in Pacific Private Sector to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental harm.


Interested governments and donors are encouraged to contact us for further details. SDMS would be happy to lead a project document development exercise that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. SDMS also takes the responsibility of managing these projects through a flat 10% management fee for all projects.

Green Investment

Our current portfolio of green investment opportunities includes the following:

Investment Project


Production of Bamboo Biochar and Charcoal

To produce bamboo biochar and charcoal.

Green Tractor Hiring Service

To provide Fiji farmers an option to hire tractors that are powered by bio-mass as fuel, contributing to Fiji’s emission reductions.


To produce and market Hemp4Crete bricks, a sustainable alternative to concrete bricks.

Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

To produce and market Organic Seaweed Fertiliser, as a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers.


We are looking for partners to implement these business ventures. Contact us for more information.