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Strategic Management

We support organizations with their management needs to ensure maximum benefits for their investment. We do so by helping them adopt a change management approach that strategically uses their resources, in combination with those of partners, to produce results and impact at the lowest possible financial and environmental costs.

Actioning Sustainability Efforts

People everywhere are demanding greater environmental and social responsibility from their governments and businesses alike. We help entities become greener and more sustainable in a way that is responsive to today's needs without impacting long-term profitability.

Implementation Planning

We provide support to projects to help them overcome any difficulties they may face in any part of the project cycle. With many years of project management experience we can help you overcome any hurdles you may encounter. We can also manage the programme/project for you allowing you to focus on other parts of your business.

Communications Communications, Report Writing, Public Relations and Media Advisory

SDMS could offer communication services for your company or agency. We could offer a range of communication services in the area of communications for sustainable development including services in report-writing, public relations, social media, online content, and general media advisory services. Please contact us  for further information on our communication services.

Our current clients include:

Micronesian Centre for Sustainable Transport

The Micronesian Centre for Sustainable Transport (MCST), based in Majuro, Marshall Islands, is the world’s first island-based research center for sustainable transport. It is a unique program and approach to addressing the need for Pacific states to transition to low carbon transport pathways. MCST aims to provide high quality research and support to island governments and communities. Read more.

The Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contributions Hub

The Regional Pacific NDC Hub aims to realise the vision of a sustainable, low-carbon and climate resilient Pacific. By supporting processes for the full implementation of the NDCs that PICs have committed to under the Paris Agreement considering their national circumstances, including mobilising support through its internal and external partners and its broader network, the Hub aims to improve NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation in PICs, strengthen enabling environment for NDC implementation, accelerate NDC action and project/program implementation in PICs and enhance NDC measurement, reporting and verification and transparency of climate action. Read more.


SDMS also offers representation services for your company or agency. If your company or agency has development or investment interests in Fiji or the Pacific region, and you have no in-country representation, we are well positioned to perform in-country services on your company/agency’s behalf with a very affordable arrangement. Please contact us with your needs and we can propose an arrangement suitable for your company or agency.

Our current clients include

Mackwell Locomotives Co. Ltd

MLCL, based in Canterbury, New Zealand, specialises in the design, development and construction of zero-carbon technology to power steam locomotives and generators. Energy resilience, pragmatic design and environmental regeneration drive the company to create sustainable solutions for a world moving beyond fossil fuel.

Current Mackwell products include the ZeroLoco, GenLoco, HomeLoco and AGLoco

Please contact us if your company is based in Fiji or another Pacific island country and would like to explore a Mackwell technology solution for your needs. Read more.


GET.invest is a European programme that mobilises investment in renewable energy (RE) in developing countries. It supports project developers and companies towards investment readiness and link them with financiers. In collaboration with many stakeholders in the sector, it also provides a range of other services to complement this effort. GET.invest aims to substantially increase the volume and pace of investment, to contribute to building sustainable energy markets, and to thus help meet the twin challenge of sustainable energy and climate change.

We would like to talk to any companies and agencies operating in the RE sector and based in Fiji or any other Pacific island country on their projects and potential investments. Contact us for further information. Read more

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